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The Power of I AM - John Maxwell Taylor

"...highly entertaining
and a rattling
good read."
John Maxwell Taylor's
The Power of I Am
combines principles from martial arts, mindfulness, body-centered awareness, and spiritual and scientific disciplines.


Amusing the Muse - John Maxwell Taylor


Amusing the Muse
32 original songs by an artist at the apex of his skills...

From rock and roll to soul,
beautiful ballads to melodic pop with witty, insightful lyrics about spiritualizing life in the 21st Century... this masterful recording has it all.
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John Maxwell Taylor presents

Award-winning actor and playwright John Maxwell Taylor builds on the success of his previous book, The Power of I Am, in this eloquent call to awaken from our collective trance and to claim the transformative power and happiness that is our birthright. Drawing on his forty years’ experience in spiritual self transformation, Taylor offers a potent array of practical tools, stories, and life lessons that help us reorder the events in our lives, the way people respond to us, and the impact we have on the world. The Enlightenment Quest and the Art of Happiness shows us how to master ourselves so that we can harness the energy of higher power to surmount the chaos of the modern world and provides strategies for “sociological aikido” that allow us to deal effectively with negative people, narcissists, and egotists. Informed by Taylor’s incredibly varied background—from European pop star, to student of Paramahansa Yogananda, Gurdjieff, and Mantak Chia, to resident at the pioneering Findhorn Community, to playing Carl Jung on stage for many years—this book demonstrates how, by understanding the powers active in creation, we can become instruments through which higher power continually flows to advance our evolution toward consciousness. In doing so, we not onlytransform ourselves, we become powerful agents for changing the world. Click HERE or on the book cover to learn more about The Enlightenment Quest and the Art of Happiness.
"To create a better world, we need 'real-world spirituality.' It is not what we say to people but the presence and life transforming energy of I AM Consciousness, emanating from us, that brings out the best in others." ~ John Maxwell Taylor
John Maxwell Taylor is known internationally for his portrayal of Carl Gustav Jung in the play Forever Jung. He has won the prestigious Gradiva Award for this work. A student of the teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda, Gurdjieff, C.G. Jung and Mantak Chia, he has spent 30 years gathering, practicing and experiencing esoteric understanding. A world-class speaker, John Maxwell Taylor's experience on major stages at the Lincoln Center, The London Palladium, The Paris Opera House and other top venues has given him a sense of ease and a presence that audiences instantly respond to. Schedule him today

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From The Power of I AM:
The world is in such a desperate situation right now that many of us who have been consciously working on spiritual self development are being asked to demonstrate the value of living by higher principles. We accomplish this not by trying to convert others to thoughts and ideas that we find personally meaningful. It occurs by our by fully embodying the joy and sense of wholeness that is the natural fruit of our way of relating to the Source of Life within ourselves amidst the hurly burly of everyday circumstances.

The Power of I AM Workshop is a highly experiential and effective workshop designed to create a shift in consciousness, one that opens awareness of divinity within. To schedule the workshop or another event with John Maxwell Taylor, please contact us. To check John's current schedule, please view the Events Calendar.
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